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Welcome to Tarkraft!

Escape on Tarkraft is a Mincraft modpack/server set inside a hardcore military shooter with built in rpg and mmo features. Battle through various raids to loot, kill, and steal anything you find to bring back to your base. But BEWARE, only risk whatever you are willing to lose.

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Here we have some great videos of gameplay as well as some awesome recreation trailers as-well! We hope you enjoy them.

Early Alpha Gameplay

Here we have some really early alpha gameplay with us showing off the gun mod and scavs!

Official Server Trailer

Here is one of our trailers for our Official Escape from Tarkraft Server!

Open Beta Announcement Trailer

Our Official Tarkraft Server will go live on February 26th so don't miss it!

Looking to keep up with the latest Tarkraft news?

We provide things like map updates and developer updates on our Official Discord server. If you do not have Discord feel free to join our forums and we post all news there as well.

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Looking to get in touch?

Contact us via the forums or for a more direct communication feel free to join our discord!

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